The Comb

Etruscan comb, c. seventh century BC, Ashanti comb — an example of Afro pick, Scythian comb, c. 400 BC

The beginning

We started off by drawing the most common and simple designs of the comb and imagining more complex ones. Here I’m not talking about the hair brushes, just the sturdy ‘comb’.


Next we looked at what all different purposes people use the product for.

Detangling your hair . Massaging your head . Scratching your back
Removing lice with a lice comb . Comb not fitting in pocket

Design brief

I’m going with the combing and massaging part of it.

Task analysis

So moving forward, we are now looking at the steps involved in the process, each tasks that make up the entire process of combing your hair. That includes looking for the comb, or trying to remember where you kept it last, to cleaning it and keeping it back for later usage.

Research goals

Find out what are the different categories of users.


Similar products

Looking at the users

User groups helps in better understanding of how users perceive a product, what users believe are a product’s most important features, what problems users experience with the product, where users feel the product fails to meet expectations.


As we’ve fixed on the user group it’s time to build features. Like looking at the whole process we’ve followed till here, keeping in mind the user group and picking keywords, help in feature building.

  • Easy to use
  • Interesting
  • Relaxing
  • Soft
  • Ergonomic
  • Grip
  • Combing(v)


A concept that I came up with, is a modified version of the normal barber’s comb. What I did was, I gave two sets of teeth, like two wide tooth combs in a single unit. By sliding one set we get a fine tooth comb. So this is like a two in one comb, that fits in the pocket unlike barber’s comb, which doesn’t. And there is a padding on one side for better grip and in hand feel.




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