The Geyser of 1134

Lexman Prasad K
2 min readMar 19, 2020
Ta da!

This is the study of an old damaged geyser we found in our flat when we moved in.

Course name? Simple Product Design. Not that simple eh! Dismantle the existing product and study whatever is inside, what materials are used to make it and how it’s all arranged inside. It’ll help. In case you want to redesign this geyser. Hmm. And we have to set all these components in exploded view.

Look at all this stuff!
Exploded view in the making.

We used metal wires to hang the parts in exploded view from the frame of an upside down table.

Main components:

Outer Casing(ABS),Layer of glass wool for insulation, Inner tank made of high grade steel, Heating coil, Housing for the coil and Thermosets.

Nothing more to say as of now. Will update later.

Then the COVID-19 lockdown happened, classes were suspended and everyone went home.